Enough is Enough

Deep in Devotion
A scab got ripped off my heart last evening
Here’s what poured out….

Girls “shouldn’t be”
too strong
too messy
or loud
or too smart
or brave
speak up
or stand out
say no.

Bull… Shit!!!

Girls and Women SHOULD be free.
free from pain…. oppression…. bondage…. expectation
and if one single aggressive and belligerent man needs to finally be called out for it
We need to have this discussion and the entitlement needs to end!
Millions of us bear the weight of a certain type male aggression and domination
An idea that one can take whatever he can physically overpower.

Enough is Enough
It’s time for change… for healing… for a coming together… not a ripping apart.

But for now we bleed… we speak…. we cry.
In this way we bring poison into the light.
Because it’s true – we are here for each other
But until we figure that out…. We break each other
And in breaking each other…. we break ourselves.
Though money and power continues to drive our world
I for one will do my best to work for love.

For love.

beautiful bleeding heart bloom blooming

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com




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