Twist & Twirl to Beat Fall Stress

It’s in the air…. shifting seasons… shifting schedules. The modern fall / holiday season can be challenging for many reasons. Nature is beckoning us to slow down and take some time to renew and restore. We resist. We persist. It’s ok. Whether you go with the cycling of the seasons or stay busy, everyone can benefit from practices that center, ground, and encourage a smooth energy flow. Twists are great for “fall” Yoga as they are neutralizers in the yogin’s tool box. Keeping the pelvis & hips stable, the spine long, and twisting from the belly will maximize the benefits of the twist and will promote spinal health. Deep twisting is not recommended if you have severe spine issues. I’ve included a range of twists that run from a therapeutic chair twist on up through a fun arm balance twist in this sequence. Check the slides for some notes on each.

This twist sequence is inspired by my kids. When we get the “grumble bugs” we grab each other and shake them out! As much as the holidays are meant to bring us together in celebration of life, it’s easy for those grumble bugs to make an appearance as well. It’s nice to have some techniques to counter your frazzled nerves. At the very least, pause, breathe deep, let go, move on. Life is too short ~ Best to find a way to enjoy the ride. Namaste.

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