Beginning Again

“The earth provides us a brand new beginning every twenty-four hours. It is a repeated invitation to breathe in the cool morning air and start afresh; to mimic the sunrise and brighten up while reaching once more for the sky; to carry a glad song in our heart like the early birds; and, as faithfully as the morning dew, to wash off the dust from yesterday.” ― Richelle E. Goodrich, Making Wishes

On my to do list for awhile now has been a note to make more time in my day to return to more creative endeavors. Since I took over at Shine almost 6 years ago now, I’ve struggled with expectations and a to do list that I could never complete. So arose an effort to peel away as much of those to do’s as I could so that I could still take “good” care of a challenging small business while maintaining my main priority at this time in my life — to be as present as I can be for my children while they still need me.

Then there’s Facebook. It’s such a great tool for connecting and sharing. So full of words and images, it too was feeding my creative spirit. I’ve come to terms though; that it’s taken over any time and space I really had for creativity and while I still like it, I’ve realized that my creativity has lost a lot of depth and texture so I can focus on quality over quantity.

And here I am. Reviving a blog I left behind three years ago. Excited to see what comes of starting over again.

How about you? Is there anything you’ve left behind that still calls to you but you struggle to find the time, or the energy, or the money, or the motivation to start over again? I know it’s hard. I also know that usually just one little small step can be just enough to get us rolling again. The hardest part is getting organized to start and of over-coming that initial inertia of change. Once we make that initial shift, we can more clearly decide if that call was coming from a place of intuition or of old wistfulness? The truth is some things are meant to be left behind and rather than starting over we would best be served by starting anew.

This was a call I had to test out. I can’t be sure of what will come of starting over here and so I make not promises of how often I’ll be back or exactly what will show up here. But I had to try again.

While I will always miss summer as it turns to fall, I love this “back to school” time of year because I naturally feel inspired to buckle down a bit and refocus my priorities and the way I spend my time and energy. For anyone else out there starting over or starting something anew I’m sending you a little nod of acknowledgement and encouragement. And for the others, content where you are, the same nod of acknowledgement and respect that you are in a state of peace.

(the light of my heart honors yours)


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