Stand Up and Stretch!

If you are sitting right now, chances are you will benefit from a little “hip flexor stretch.” Too much sitting shortens the muscles that run from the front of your hip to the lower back – aka: the psoas. Almost everyone will benefit from this super simple front of the leg stretch. Go on…. give it a try.

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Standing on one leg, fold the other leg back and grab hold of your ankle or the top of your foot. Begin the pull your ankle behind you until you feel a good stretch in the front of your leg.  If you pull your foot so far back that your back arches, you won’t get the psoas stretch. To stretch both your quads and hip flexors, bring your foot far enough back that you can keep your low back curve long and the tailbone rooting down as your stretch the front of your leg.

If the first line of this paragraph had you laughing, here are a few alternatives….

Loop a strap or belt around your ankle to give yourself an easier option to fold the leg back while holding onto a chair. Or…. just have a seat on the side edge of the chair and bend your leg back behind you.

Yoga postures can be very therapeutic, fun, and even artistic. It’s great that we can celebrate both health and creative expression in the same practice. Here are a few of the students at Shine taking this awesome hip flexor stretch to the next level.

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